Multi-class data classification to predict the Phrases from the sentences of the movie review given user onthe sentiment scale of 0–4.


With the growth of web text data such as: online review data posted by users for hotel booking, e-commerce website and movie reviews, can be of great help to understand the business and the need of the user plays an important role in making decisions for companies [2]. The objective of this project is to use multi-class classification,instead of binary class classification (positive/negative) to predict the Phrases from the sentences of the movie review given user in the…

Brain tumor is a serious disease occurring in a human being. Medical treatment process mainly depends on tumor types and its location. The final decision of neurospecialists and radiologist for the tumor diagnosis mainly depend on evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images. The manual evaluation process is time-consuming and needs domain expertise to avoid human errors. To overcome this issue Convolution Neural Network (CNN) deep learning algorithm based on ResUNet architecture is proposed for detecting the tumor and marking the area of their occurrence. There are several advantages to using these proposed architectures for segmentation tasks. First, a residual…

AMASS is a large database of human motion unifying different optical marker-based motion capture datasets by representing them within a common framework and parameterization. AMASS is readily useful for animation, visualization, and generating training data for deep learning [1]. You can read more about AMASS here.

Here I will provide the tools and tutorials to use AMASS for Human activity recognition projects.

  1. Installation

To make this project, we need to fulfil some prerequisites. I am using Ubuntu, you can use any OS system you like. Before starting the project make sure to install git.

$ sudo apt install git-all
  1. Python…


Why data security?

Data or information are central part of our daily life. Companies and authorities need reliable data to be able to work with. The higher the quality of the data, the more noteworthy the potential for revelation. Therefore, if the data protection is missing, there is a high risk of system failure and catastrophe.

There are several potential harm with respect to data:

  1. Loss of availability
  2. Loss of confidentiality
  3. Loss of integrity

There are several situation in which our data can be in risk. …

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The process of data analysis to be fruitful, the data ought to have certain attributes; low quality data will give us scarce insight. The higher the quality of the data, the more noteworthy the potential for revelation.

Take a few moments to build a list of the characteristics that you want think can make data most useful for analysis.

According to the Stephen Few, the author of Now you see it. The characteristics of ideal data should be:

  1. High Volume
  2. Historical
  3. Consistent
  4. Multivariate
  5. Atomic
  6. Clean
  7. Dimensionally structured

Let’s see each of these characteristic, one at a time:

  1. High Volume


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Have you ever wondered how ships or submarine detects object underwater?

In general sonar and cameras are two typical sensors widely used for underwater object detection. In this project we will only talk about sonar sensors. Sonar, short for Sound Navigation and Ranging, is helpful for exploring and mapping the ocean because sound waves travel farther in the water than light waves.

What is radar system?

RADAR system is an object detection or tracking system that uses radio waves to calculate or track the distance, height, direction, or speed of objects.

About ultrasonic sensor

For this project we are using…

Why strive to understand the data better than we already do?

During the past two decades, we have seen tremendous progress in technologies that allow us to collect, store, retrieve data, but sadly, we have ignored the primary tool that makes information meaningful and comprehensive: the human mind. While concentrating on the tools and libraries, we have forgotten the human skills that are required to make sense of the data.

Why concern oneself to analyse data?

Good data analysis allows us :

  1. to better manage the system
  2. to make the better prediction under particular conditions in the future
  3. to create…


The dynamical system in simple words is a system whose state changes over time. The example includes the mathematical model that describes population growth, swinging of a pendulum, or predator-prey model. There are two types of dynamical systems: iterated maps and differentials equations. The iterated maps are used to solve problems where time is discrete, whereas the differential equation is used to solve problems where time is continuous.

Now confining our attention to differential equations, it can be divided into various types: Ordinary or Partial and Linear or Nonlinear, etc. …


The autocratic regime of the Rana Dynasty (1846 AD to 1951 AD) prohibited education in Nepal. Only descendants of the Rana Dynasty and the Royal family were allowed to attend Palace School in Kathmandu and pursue higher education in other countries. When the regime was finally overthrown in 1951 after years of struggle, the democratic government of Nepal faced a herculean task in terms of increasing literacy rate across the country. For this reason, the education system of Nepal was designed to impart basic level education to Nepalese citizens as it was important to…

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